Is Off-Road Driving Covered by Car Insurance?
Jan 30, 2023 3:47 am

Is Off-Road Driving Covered by Car Insurance? : सोमवार, 28 नवम्बर 2022 12:18 PM (IST)
Is Off-Road Driving Covered by Car Insurance?
Car insurers offer financial coverage for a range of damages caused by accidents, natural catastrophes, fire, theft, etc. It depends on what policy you choose. However, you must be aware of the coverage your insurance company provides. If you enjoy off-roading and are planning to get your car insured, you must understand how coverage policies work.

Off-road driving involves increased risk of car damage along with other injuries that do not fall under standard auto insurance coverage. Nonetheless, you can get your car insured with policies that cover off-road driving and save yourself from financial burden.

Does Car Insurance Cover Off-Roading?

Regular on-road auto insurance policies do not cover damages due to off-road driving. Many insurance companies specifically omit these from their plan. Nevertheless, few insurance policies do cover off-road driving.

While you may not get coverage for planned off-road activities such as adventure sports, rock racing, speed racing, etc., you will get coverage in case you run into an accident with another car while off-roading accidentally.

In addition, there are policies that are compulsory for car owners, such as third party car insurance. It pays for the damages caused by you to another party involved in a car accident.

However, you must evaluate your options if you are looking for policies to protect you from off-road damages. Knowing the off-road driving conditions under which you can get coverage is essential.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Insurance Policies for Off-Road Driving?

Each auto insurance policy has its own benefits. If you are looking for one that fits best for off-road driving, you need to check out these options.

Insurance benefits vary depending on the insurer and also the country. In India, broadly, there are two types of insurance plans covering off-road driving:

Third-party Car Insurance
Getting third-party motor insurance in India is mandatory by law according to the Motor Vehicles Act 1988. It covers third-party liabilities and saves you a massive expense in case of accident-related injuries. Moreover, it covers both on-road and off-road driving.


Economical: The annual premium is inexpensive in terms of the benefits they provide.
Easy availability: Since it is legally mandatory, it is easier to apply for and renew. It is also available online.
Can be merged: It can be easily combined with any other basic car insurance to get added benefits.
Legal protection: It protects you from legal obligations while saving you a substantial amount.


Limited benefits: It does not protect your own car in terms of damages or injuries.

Comprehensive Car Insurance
Comprehensive car insurance protects you financially from damages to your own car. In addition, it provides extensive coverage as it mostly comes in combination with third-party insurance. Although not mandatory, it is wiser to have a comprehensive auto policy that will give you multifaceted compensation. Moreover, even if the basic plan itself does not include off-road coverage, there will often be add-ons to cover this.

Dual coverage: It covers losses for both your car and the third party in case of accidents under single insurance.

Can be personalised: Benefits can be customised and added to your will, such as roadside assistance, emergency transport support in case of theft, tyre protection coverage, etc.

Varied coverage: As the name suggests, you can have different kinds of coverage under one. Other than accidents, it protects you financially under conditions of theft, fire, heavy rainfall/storm damage, extreme weather damage, etc.


Expensive: Annual premiums are much higher than that of third-party insurance.
Why Should You Get a Car Insurance Policy?

You may ask why you need an auto insurance plan for off-road driving specifically. Well, you don’t if your existing policy is already covering it.

However, policies vary for different insurance providers. So you need to get the best deal out of it by buying the one that covers off-road driving. Besides, if you do not have any car insurance plan, you need to get one right away. Here is why:

Saving Colossal Expenses

Like every other type of insurance policy, having motor insurance will help you save considerable expenses in the long run. Damage repair is usually quite expensive. However, making smaller investments every month will protect you from a massive cost at once.

Social Responsibility

A car insurance policy that covers not only yourself but others affected by you is one of the vital factors you need insurance for. It saves you a lot of time and spares the stress of damage control after an accident.

Legal Factor

Buying at least a third-party auto insurance policy is a legal must in all states of India according to the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. If you do not insure your car, you will face not only financial distress but also legal consequences.

Off-roading involves a lot more risks than on-road driving. You must be extra careful if you are going off-road with your vehicle. Nevertheless, you can always face unexpected situations while driving, even on regular roads.

Therefore, it is vital to get your car insured. Getting an insurance policy with complete coverage can protect you against your own damages as well as those of the affected party. It is one of the crucial inclusion in any smart financial plan. You can also choose own damage car insurance to protect your car from accidental damages, theft and also damages due to natural disasters.

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